Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Opinion of the day

Good opinion in The Jakarta Post, Motivation vs Inspiration by Desi Anwar

That this country is rich in religion and yet poor in ethics is one of the reasons our development as a nation is difficult to achieve and sustain. It is because of this, Indonesia is cursed with a dearth of inspiring leaders and an overdose of lawmakers motivated by greed and religious leaders motivated by fear.

When blame is still the way we strengthen our faith and greed or suspicion, and when blame is the source of our motivation, our values rest on a very fragile foundation indeed. For it is a foundation based on ignorance, and unless we lighten up as a nation, we will find ourselves dragged back into the Middle Ages where women wore chastity belts and heretics were burned at the stake.

I still hear people - who claimed themselves as defender of holy teaching and supreme religion - said that their religious teaching is the only solution and their voice is getting bigger and louder.

Somehow I really salute and respect an atheist rather than a bunch of religious people wearing holy clothes while yelling and screaming God's name but I could not see any peace every time I stand along among them. I am not afraid if eventually they kill me, instead I worry if they provide evidence that my opinion is true. My opinion about how latent and lethal their ambition supposed to be.

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