Thursday, August 19, 2004

Kutu-Kutu Kecil

Terlalu aku membiarkan kepala ini menguasai hari-hariku. Kubiarkan kutu-kutu kecil, mengganggu, bising itu meracau bertanya dan menjawab sekaligus. Atau menghitung sekalian mengacau dan menambah sambil mengurangi apapun rencana, cita-cita, harapan, dan sebagainya. Siapa yang bisa menghentikan pikiran?

Gagal adalah berhasil. Dan berhasil adalah gagal. Aku harus berhasil. Alih-alih aku belum mau menyerah. Meski sudah mati, akan tetap kuhantui yang belum terpenuhi. Datanglah tekad, “masih kurang ternyata?” Aku masih ingin berjuang.

Andai ada yang bisa membantuku mengungkapkan keriuhan kutu-kutu kecil, mengganggu, bising yang meracau dan mengacau… pikiran yang tak mau mati, meski sebentar saja sebelum kulelap… tolonglah, sebentar saja. Tak akan mudah membantuku…

The Truth

Truth is like a God-given mirror that is now broken. Man picks up the pieces, and each person then sees his reflection in one of the pieces and thinks that he has seen truth. The real difficulty is later, if he uses that piece of glass to stab someone who holds a different piece.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

sunset at the dusk

It is really long ahead of you here, in this land. I’ve been waiting prolonged just to see the sunset at the dusk. However, I still have to wait a little bit longer. The horizon seems so far from the sun, and I am here counting the minutes just to see the sunset at the dusk. What should I do my heart? I want to evoke our event before we are as one, when we wall along the beach waiting for the sun to set. And at that time, I was outset to become in misery because of afar from your warm hug and sweet kiss.
Time has reached the evening, but the sun still warmly shines. How long I have to wait just to see sunset at the dusk today. Wondering how long I must waiting to get a hold of you and at last tasting your lips. With such a long sunset even at the dusk like now, I do not know how long I can stand to wait otherwise I am in endless agony.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

first bright sunshine

I finally saw the first bright sunshine entering the room. After stretched rainy day episode yesterday, I feel a barely happiness at the side of solitary to be so far from my love. Just imagine how are you across the continent, with my love that is getting bigger as far as I lived here for a year and more. When I wake up this morning, I saw no sunshine when I traveled to this far place from you.
When finally catch sight of the first bright sunshine entering the room, I know that my heart still singing a love song that I hope you can hear them across the continent. I love you…