Wednesday, January 27, 2010

policy wonks

We live in an age of "policy wonks" who judge programs [policies] by their effects on productivity, output, or work effort. Wonkian analysis uses the jargon of economics while ignoring its content.
I can't hardly disagree with the above quote...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update 2010 Reading List: The Armchair Economist

Just want to update the 2010 Reading List after the last book arrived in my mailbox:

So, this is the final book in my 2009 wish list and in early 2010 all of them already complete.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indonesia: Facebook leader?

Jeremy Wagstaff's post, Facebook in Asia: A Limit to Growth? shows an achievement (yeah, not so important probably) for Indonesia. He collected information on Facebook populations by country in Asia-Pacific. And, Indonesia is taking lead as the highest Facebook populations. With 24% growth and 6.68% proportion of population on Facebook, Indonesia shows stunning expansion of penetration.

Without valid data on number of internet access in Indonesia, I guess Facebook population that a top-notch in Indonesia mainly drifted strongly by the wide access on mobile phone through 3G network. Despite of lack of high speed internet network available in Indonesia, this is something that can be seen as good thing that Indonesian population highly appreciate internet as their new media for communication or expanding social network. It shown a combination of expanding information technology with people ability to utilize such technology.

We may continue to highlight some detrimental thing of high Facebook user. However, I believe it is more sensible if we are being affirmative with how can Indonesian people gain benefit from better access to information after they are able to expanding their social network and technology utilization. Such access hopefully could give some additional knowledge, skills or social movement for greater welfare achievement.

On sushi etiquette

I am not a big fan of sushi, but I do love sushi. Wifey really crazy with sushi and due to her pregnancy now, she really miss them a lot. Therefore, I would love to share her and all of you guys this following guideline on how to eat sushi in a perfect manner. Definitely, it is really beneficial if you stayed or visit Japan. Yet, I believe it is also good no matter where you eat sushi.

Happy sushi!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wifey just won her first eBay item!

She just won a New 'Easy Wrap Swaddler' from her first bid attempt on eBay.

I noticed that she made only a single bid and won, remarkable. Without denying a possibility of luck, I believe she carefully listen and learned whatever strategy I kept discussing with her during my own bid on eBay. And somehow, she work on it even better than me. In other words, I should be aware of her since she is a good 'player' in auction game...

Congratulation, honey!

the Oil Age is not over yet

The above picture quoted from the following article. I recall in one of my class I asked how many people believe that oil stock will be depleted and how fast. Due to global warming and environmental issue (only some given answer through staggering oil price), a lot of class member somehow believe that oil stock will be depleted very soon. In other words, many people believe that oil will be gone very soon. My answer was the stock of oil will be not depleted very soon, in fact there are more of them for sure but it requires new technology and/or new approach to reach their sources beneath the earth.

The article above indicates such possibilities. I am not sure how delicate your opinion will be influence by such ideas, regarding efficient energy consumption vis-a-vis global warming and/or environmental issue. But, I believe we need to firm our effort to reduce our indulgent for oil and looking for other alternatives.

On "Google" and "Tweet"

According to this report, "Google" is selected as word of the decade. And, "Tweet" is selected as word of the year.

I am just wondering now, what would be the possible translation of Google and Tweet into Indonesian language?
*Please note, I am looking for non absorption language to be able to make them really Indonesian language without any excuses.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 Reading List

After a couple of months hunting for reliable (I mean cheap!) online book sellers, finally before year 2009 ended I was able to order some wish-list books and they arrived by the last week of 2009. Following are list my latest collection:

The last two books - Economics Gangsters and Parentonomics - are the first books I bought and already finished to read them.

I recommend Economic Gangsters for any of you who interested with corruptions and violence from economics perspectives. It is well written and worth to read during your spare times. My favorite chapter is the first one which discuss about Suharto Inc. While for Parentonomics, I feel a bit uneasy while reading it. Not necessary because it discuss a lot about parenting, but the writing style not so specific. It is quite understandable because it close to economist parenting diary rather than economist parenting theory/concepts compilation. However, it is still worth to read if you are interested with parenting and economics.

For the first five books, I am just in the middle of exciting reading the two hot books: Superfreakonomics and Dear Undercover Economist. Both of them really superb books, highly recommend! I hope I can blog them - and the rest of the book - very soon. Especially the Dear Undercover Economist, wifey really enjoyed reading it as well.

In case you have your own opinion or review regarding one or any of my reading list, please kindly share your thought.