Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Lock the door, please
Just let me outside of the room
And tell me it was nothing
Nothing but just locking the door
Because the door wanted
To be locked

Or another words, just let me
To stay outside of the room
Don't let me get inside
Never until I'm freezing
Thus, lock the door then
Nothing to say and no words necessary
To mention just for a simple explanation

All of that as a stand alone reason
For what I have done
After all, could you tell me what were that?

Even though I'm inside now
But I'm already locked for real outside
Mentally and physically

"after midnight"

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Aku menanti badai
Badai yang kutanam bibitnya
Dengan kesadaran
Namun, aku tak pernah tahu
Akan sebesar apa badai
Yang akan kutuai nanti

Aku menanti badai
Yang akan menelan
Segenap harap
Agar tersisa satu saja
Cinta yang memeluk hangat