Wednesday, December 20, 2006

water shortage concern

As I also posted here, I want to start questioning people “when we should worry with water shortage?”

My concern begin recently after the rainy seasons come, because in this seasons we can start to accumulate stock of water and conserve them before dry seasons take over. But, I don’t know why people only concerned with water shortage during dry seasons just like curative approach, instead of also concern during rainy seasons just like preventive approach.

Why those government people never think and act well?

the origin of bluetooth

Why I talk about this - bluetooth - technology? Well, recently I really crazy with it. I love being connected with several device without wire at all. I like to see less cable cross over my table or between my gadget. It's make life looks more clean and neat.

Many people curious with the origin of bluetooth, especially why it was named so. I've read an article titled "What is Bluetooth?". So, this is their short explanation about the original name of bluetooth.

"The name Bluetooth is derived from the cognomen of a 10th century king of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth. According to the inventors of the Bluetooth technology, Harald engaged in diplomacy which led warring parties to negotiate with each other, making Bluetooth a fitting name for their technology, which allows different devices to talk to each other. The name of the king in Danish was Harald Bl├ątand and the Bluetooth logo is based on the H and B runes."

for detail see wikipedia