Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catch a mouse without "entrap" it?

From The Jakarta Post article, Thursday April 4, 2008 titled SBY slammed for corruption comments,

In a speech to participants of a national law convention here Tuesday, Yudhoyono said law enforcers should not "entrap" people.

"If a citizen breaks the law because of his or her ignorance, we are guilty as well. Worse, (we) let hem be trapped instead of just reminding them," he said.

The President specifically told the KPK, the Supreme Audit Agency and the Attorney General's Office to avoid entrapping citizens by taking advantage of their ignorance of laws and regulations on corruption.

What a "very kind" strategy to fight corruption proposed by SBY? Can corruption be categorized as "disguised" crime or "undisguised" crime? I believe corruption is "disguised" crime. If it is so, then you cannot prevent corruption just by reminding the suspects, right?

Imagine you want to catch a mouse who is hiding inside your house. It often stolen your cheese or food on table. If you know that it exists but you cannot catch it easily, because it hide very nicely and move very efficiently - just like corruptors, they are exists but you cannot nailed them easily. One effective way to catch the mouse, to prevent it steeling your cheese or food, is to set up a trap. In other words, you should entrap them. What else can you do? Can you talk to the mouse and reminding them not to stole your food? I wish I could, but in reality it pretty-absolutely-undoubtedly impossible!

If SBY wants us to remind the corruptors, I believe our religious leaders already did that job most of the time. Even the leaders already used such a strong motivations related with God's punishment in hell (assumed that as religious people, the corruptors more afraid with God's law rather than human-made law). But, it was not effective at all, right? So, how come that KPK's strategy to "entrap" corruptors not being supported by SBY?

My best guess, SBY is too naïve. Maybe?

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