Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Home

New home means two things. First, it means a new start of life. By staying in our own house, me and my wife by definition maybe able to claim ourselves as already become one household or a family. Second, it means independence, own responsibility, and more self learning.

Well, I could not think other things about having own house besides everyday and every moments will be always new: new house (physically, of course!); new neighbors, the potential future friends; new environment meaning new comfort or discomfort feelings. And many others "new" stuff. All of that "new" stuff then becomes "old" later, in a way that life will going on as long as I lived with it. Sound easy but challenging as well as uncertain along the process.

Anyway, that is all just started today. Everyone, especially friends, are kindly welcome to my (me and my wife) house. The house is located at Depok, West Java. The detail address is “Permata Depok Regency, Cluster Ruby, Blok D25/1”. If you wish to visit us, it is quite easy to find. From Depok main road of Margonda Raya, go straight to Citayam (headed to south). You will see the estate on the left side of the road. After you enter the security gate cluster, never take right turn. Instead, just go ahead until you see a blue house with high landscape (sometimes you can see our black-cute city car on the carport). Check the picture above.

Finally, welcome to Ruby D25/1!