Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. "The King of Pop" - Michael Jackson

It is quite shocking to read this morning news about Jacko. I believe, he is one of the living legend in music industry that until his last breath trying so hard to make his existence in music obvious. Despite of all scandals, freak behavior and all of 'nasty' stuff (you can find in many tabloids), he is still one of the best musician that earth ever had. It is hard to find a musician with such quality and able to keep his music soul running all over the century.

I am not a big fans of him, but I remember and do like some of his song. And, again, for me there are none of todays musician that able to beat his greatness. So, may you rest in peace, Jacko. Thank you for your music...

Monday, June 22, 2009

My support to my beloved Indonesia

You should see at the bottom of the my new shoes box to guess what I mean by "support" is.

I need a walking shoes and this shoes should have additional function for hiking as well. I do not want to have several shoes for different purposes. After few hours looking for different type of shoes and various price tags, I end up with this one.

I like its model and functionality. But, the most thing that makes me "proud" is that the best shoes that fit with my foot and my interest is made in Indonesia. Ok, you may say that I am a bit chauvinist or irrational. But, what can I say? This shoes really fit in and it rise me with another feeling - my patriotism (or anti-neoliberalism?? what the hell!).

There are other types of them (from the same brand), but they are made by Vietnam or China. My nationalism mixed up with my needs, and somehow both of them agreed on one point. I love good product, with affordable price and I hope Indonesian industries keep on trying to make their goods (export) to be as good as the one that I bought today.