Sunday, March 01, 2009

Safari 4 Beta: First Impression...

When I read the news about Safari 4 Beta here, I was curious and wondering how great this new browser could be? Currently, I am quite comfortable with Firefox and I believe its still the greatest internet browser ever exist so far. In addition with "Beta" label, I am just underestimating the Safari 4 and try it just more than a week after I downloaded it. But, I would like to change my mind now...

Apple claimed that they serve 150 new features in the Safari 4 Beta. Since I am not that tech-geek, honestly I do not understand most of the features. However, if you feel the same way as basic user like I do, these 3 main features makes Safari 4 Beta obviously soon become the interesting browser ever.

First, the browsing and navigation feature of Top Sites. As you can see in the screen shot, Safari 4 can display your favorite websites and display them with Matrix style as a wall of stunning graphical previews. With a single click on the icon look like bunch of small tile, you can see this list of sites, arrange them according to your order or number of sites and you may choose them if you wish to visit them. I really love this features as it is fast, cute, but still functional indeed. If you really do not get the real functionality of this features, using it will gives you a cool way of browsing in front of your friends.

Second, cover flow feature in History view. If you visited several web pages during the day, you may wish to take a look at them again sometimes later. In my case, sometimes I forget the address or the detail so it may take hours to search and try to find them. In Safari 4, you can display my history using Cover Flow, and I can flip through my search result as easily as I am flipping my iTunes album art. It saves a lot of time and it as nice to see the cover page detail to make sure that I re-visited the correct web pages one more time.

Third, the speed of Safari 4 is awesome! I can not show any prove visually about this speed. But as I am still using Firefox at the same time when I tested the Safari 4, I found out that if I browse my Google Reader together both using Firefox and Safari 4, the webpage is pop up and show off completely faster in Safari 4. Some other reviews in fact claimed that Safari 4 is four times faster than Firefox. Try yourself for sure, definitely!

I am still experiencing serious problem every time I tried to visit my Hotmail page. It keep on going to hang or stop responding if I click my inbox. But, Hotmail is the only page that having this trouble. Since Safari 4 still in beta version, hopefully Apple will overcome this issue very soon and make sure that there are no pages having similar issues like my Hotmail.

Thus, if you wish to have fast and fun yet innovative browser you should try the Safari 4. I wish Apple will finalize it very soon and make them the competitive browser for Firefox. Having more than one great application is always a good things to experience with in our life.

This is my first impression on Safari 4 beta. It maybe bias since I am a new dedicated Apple fanboy. But, for more neutral review, check this comprehensive review here.

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Berly said...

Gw udah download...feel and look very good. Damn fast as well, even though not for all websites

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