Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just my two cents for Berly's article

Berly made a very good article in The Jakarta Post that you should read here.

Somehow I feel that he emphasizing reason no.2 of why I would not vote for legislative election this year. Although he did not clearly mentioned that he also share my perspective on being non-voter this year, like he said
"Don't get me wrong, I am serious about my civic responsibility and never miss voting in elections, even when I was studying abroad. I have every interest in exercising my rights and ensuring the next government is competent and responsive to people's needs"
Thus, in this matter I assumed he will vote and he know for sure who is that candidate. Right, my friend?

On the other hand, at the end of his article he suggest "Use the money well, introduce us to the candidates". However, I believe with such a tight schedule (read: not enough time available), the candidates will race with every possible way to make sure that we - the voter - to vote them no matter how well we know them. What I mean is their main objective now it to get as many vote as possible. After that, who cares...

Anyway, Berly indeed wrote a very good opinion in this article. Bravo!


Berly said...

Thank you Wa. Just a written down version of many of our discussions.

Yes, I do intend to vote in this election. Still need to know the candidates though.

If voters are more likely to vote for a candidate that they feel they know more (not a too strick assumption).

Then it should be a race to be known. To be known is to be elected, tak kenal maka tak dipilih :-D

Looking forward for my turn to discuss your article in my blog Wa

alief.aulia said...

eh, kak dew.
artikel yang judulnya integrasi sistem pengupahan mana ya?
disuruh narik ama bos ya?
serem dong kampus republik. ga ada kebebasan berpendapat.

embun said...

ada kok, saya tarik aja sementara. Gak ada bos yang nyuruh narik kok, saya cuma menahan diri aja, namanya juga minoritas jadi musti tahu diri. Sebentar lagi mungkin saya posting lagi.