Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rest in Peace: Badeng

Today, Saturday September 1st 2007 is the most heartbreaking moment for me.

A best friend of mine and my family has died at 9 pm, after got sick with tumor at his mouth for several weeks. His name is Badeng, our lovely black dog. He has been become our family member for exactly 12 years last August and become one of the longest being with us after our first dog Ken Ken who died at 5 years old. One thing that makes me very sad is that I could not have a chance to see his very last moment and to say farewell and thank you for his kind friendship that he had shown us – me and my family – for 12 long years.

Have a nice journey, Badeng. Rest in peace and be happy when you meet the Lord Hyang Agung. Thank you so much for your memorable kind presence, loyalty, and friendship. I will miss you so much, you naughty dog! We love you so much, Badeng.

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