Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another (latent) failure...

In the case of energy conversion from kerosene to gas, it is obvious that government create double failure.

First, they failed to inform people about why people have to convert to gas. How can you expect people certainly willing to give up using kerosene after long time and convert into gas only in "one night stand" without knowing why and how? Transition and learning process are definitely need to be consider by all of those conversion supporter.

Second, they failed to communicate all of their program for sure including those energy conversion. This failure also applied for other government policies or program action as government staff and officers actually never been in the middle of their people. They never know exactly how is the situation among the people. They do not know how to talk to their people. Thus, whatever incentive they offered or policies designed by government they will always failed before launched because lack of communication capability.

That is why the above cartoon of Om Pasikom (kompas) so nicely one hundred percent correct!

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