Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Population Does Matter, right?

From Debnath Guharoy (Roy Morgan Consultant), in The Jakarta Post article "The 'Top 20 Cities' obsession doesn't make any marketing sense"
That amounts of 140 million people above the age of 14, all consumers in their own right. Only 25 percent of those 140 million people live in the top 20 cities, another 23 percent live in smaller towns and a massive 52 percent live in Indonesia's rural villages.
By then, you should be realized that we need to know particular information about population structure by age, gender, place of living (urban vs rural), and - if necessary - by region/province/district, etc. In fact, the analysis could be done further using various kind of statistical method or only simple descriptive approach for more detail information about population. The information exists indeed not only as much as those marketing people looking for, just like provided by many research marketing agencies.

What I want to say is actually for government at central and regional level only. Why don't you all just start to admit that population does matter?

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