Friday, September 07, 2007

"Green" cars? Sure?

"If someone says their car is more 'green' or 'environmentally friendly' than others then they would have to be able to document it in every aspect from production, to emissions, to energy use, to recycling,"
As I found recently that Indonesian automotive producers claim that their engine already complience with Euro2 emission standard. What does it mean to Indonesian consumers? Nothing, I believe so! Well, maybe few consumer already started to concern with such issue. But, do they know about real "green" or "environmental friendly" definitions? The above quote has really a deep meaning of "green".

I love to promote "green" car. But honestly, I only know few about what actually a "green" car is. As for my own car - it's a Japanese small city car of Suzuki Karimun - I proudly claimed that it consume quite efficient fuel. I used non-leaded (low?) fuel produced by Petronas, Primax 92 with expectation that it will also increase the efficiency of fuel consumption. So far, I manage to have 1 litre of Primax 92 for almost 15 to 16 km of driving. Since then, I really expect to have more green car in the future especially in Indonesia.

However, this news has inspire me more. Never expect car producers who claimed that their cars are more "green" than others. Like reading ads of motorcycle in Indonesia said that "our motorcyle already Euro2 standard". It's meaningless as the consumers (motorists) do not understand what does it mean and even the consumers do not have particular strategy to manage their fuel consumption efficiently. It's a complex issue that require a comprehensive strategy.

No worries, my dear friends. I do not wish Indonesia to be "green" very soon. Many people said that Indonesia is still in poor condition so then we have more right no to be so green. I am sure enough that you will 110% agree on that! Thanks God, I don not agree... there must be something that the poor Indonesia can do to be green. It's just a matter of willingness...

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