Monday, November 24, 2008

No yoga in Malaysia?

It is another silly policy by scared stiff Malaysian government. I am still wondering, why Malaysia is so afraid with other culture or religion? [Another related news with Indonesia perspective]

They are too afraid with Indonesian music and banned the music to be aired in their radio. Now, they are afraid that yoga could corrupt their religious practices so they also banned it. What a ridiculous mindset and coward. If their religion as good as they believe in, why should worry with other practices? Like Gandhi said, "A living faith cannot be manufactured by the rule of majority." No matter how hard they are trying to show their greatness, it makes them look "truly ugly".

Lesson learned from Malaysia is do not be afraid if you have true faith. What is faith if it is not translated into action? And Malaysia shows a clear example of faith that translated into discrimination and numerous petrified actions.

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