Thursday, November 27, 2008

how much is a life of Indonesian student worth?

Can anybody stop complaining about morality for a while and wondering about the safety of our children that is at the edge of ignorance?

Protect our children not by cover them with blanket of "normative" morality. Instead, protect our children by providing them better facilities to go to their school and better education system that can make them think about their - bright - future life. Protect our children by keep them out from indoctrination of violence teaching.

But first, let's protect our children by giving them proper transport to their school. I cannot believe that our leader violate our children rights, instead of protecting them. Our leader only thinking about their own belly.

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alief.aulia said...

kak dew, on 6.30am policy for children:
i agree that this policy may not solve jakarta's problem of traffic, but there is no violation on child rights. i had been in that situation for years. all of my educations before university were started at 06.30am.
mind you, i was in small town in east java where we only had 3 public senior high-schools back then.
Those talented students dwell far from town center should wake up at 4.30am probably and cycled for minimum an hour before they reached school.
and now, kak seto starts talking about children's right?

Berly said...

I'm with Alief on this.

This is not a populist measure that they are taking to please some constituent.

The first best solution is having people live nearby their workplace and children's school while having an effective public transport system.

In a (still) second best world, spreading the peak travel time is a policy worth considering.

Yes, they botch the communication and should have done some pilot study first. But doesnt' mean the idea are completely wrong.

embun said...

Alief and Berly,

First, I'm not against the earlier schooling time indeed. Like Alief said, by nature student already go to school earlier. In Jakarta, as far as I know, student are commonly leaving home after 4.30 or 5 am or later if their school nearer to their home. In schooling hour, student actually have no right at all, to be frankly speaking.

What I mean by violating student right (might be different with Kak Seto's definition) is that student is the first group that being experimental subject in this proposed policy. While government still lack of supporting facilities for student (this is why I relate with the picture above), government forced the student to accept more condition and shocks.

In short, it is difficult for me to accept short term solution such as this policy.

My argument is still weak indeed...