Monday, July 14, 2008

Nine months with a bowl of empty promises

When I see Rose is Rose cartoon above, I remember a question from The Jakarta Post Editorial,
"...whether this nation really needs such a long campaign period."
I believe that despite of 34 parties participate in the election, this nine months campaign period just will adding up more 'burden' and uncertainty into such political extravaganza. At the in end, it only turn something to be nothing. But my big concern above all possible cost and burden that occur from the 'must-to-held' event like election is finally what will be the benefit for the people? Base on previous experiences, campaign just like advertising. It is only selling words and promises. And I believe, the 2009 election will be no different at all.

The biggest disappointment will be is that – just like the cartoon mention – "the bowl of empty promises" must be one of the new flavors! And most of Indonesian people, as with their innocent believe with political parties, they will look and support those "bowl of empty promises". Alas, those politician keep smiling then...

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