Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If it is only just a desperate threat...

After reading this news, you may say to me that its only just a desperate threat. Or, you may say it would not be happen again as the security force should be more prepare and our nation already have experience to handle such threat. Really?

When you read such statement,
"... Everyone knows that the armies of Allah are (everywhere)"
then how can I am not supposed to be worried? The armies just shown up a few days before and beaten up others people. They already walking around and shown their existence clearly. Even though they were not set up a bomb, but who knows and can guarantee that they will not set up one very soon?

Now you may say that I am unfair and subjective. To be honest, its getting harder not to do so. When every moment you read newspaper and see by ones own eyes, how this group evolving and becoming stronger then such unfair and subjective perspective somehow become my common knowledge. I am still willing to open my mind with "good-supporting" arguments, but everybody have giving me none... Not even a single good reason for me not to let the stigma growing...

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