Thursday, June 19, 2008

firefox 3... Awesome!

Great! That's my first word to describe the feature of Firefox 3. I've already start to enjoy Safari as my web browser in my MacBook, and that enjoyment become more complete after I installed the new Firefox.

I love the new look of it, since it has similarity with Safari that simple yet very functional. One thing that so far still evidence with Firefox - and that is my main reason to continue using Firefox in addition to Safari - is adequate speed to access website that makes me relief since in Indonesia the internet connection mostly uneventful and rather dull. And, I do not know how that Firefox (and Safari) could cope that issue while IE still struggling to open a single web page. Therefore, it is quite acceptable that Firefox claimed to be the fastest, leanest and most powerful browser ever. I couldn't agree more.

Another great thing is the optional local language. At my first download, I was directed to download Indonesia version Firefox 3. As I am not convenience with English-Indonesian translation, then I tried to find out the English version Firefox 3. And there I can see a lot of language option to be downloaded. That's really interesting, I guess. Among other advantage such as customization with add-on feature, great security and malware protection, as well as - my favorite - simple browser with possible modification based on your own need. For me, that is a single indication of "no contest" result.

I do not know how to make a good review, but I would like you to try this new piece of marvel. Please, try it!

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