Thursday, June 05, 2008

After 9 months... the violence continued

Ah, just 9 months punishment in jailed. Even that he and the rest of the group will be walking free and yelling again their freedom and rights to do more violence.

This is just a simple but strong evidence that in Indonesia, the more you do the violence then the more you will get the license to do that. For almost 10 consecutive years doing such activities, not even a single leader against it. In fact, the security force (read: police department) used them as "partner in crime". That is why, there are none of the security force leader insisting to ban this group. Moreover, there are more supporter of them.

What a pathetic society... It feels like watching another predictive-and-boring soap opera. You know how the story will end, and you know they will make the same story again later in the next episodes. The irony is there are still so many audience that loved the drama.

The people of this country is totally sick! The leader even more sick and deranged! Especially the religious leader, they even the source of disaster... I prefer corrupter rather than people who screaming God's name all along the way.

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