Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My MacBook Review (part 1)

This is my simple review on my MacBook. I am not yet completely utilize the Mac. After about 3 weeks, I’ve found several strength and weakness that quite significant for me to share with. Please note that this review not based on comprehensive test or technical trial. Since I am just a common user so my opinion purely based on my very subjective judgment on several aspect. In this posting, I will focus on hardware aspects that I’ve experience with my ‘Mac’. 

In the beginning, I’ve experienced both exciting and surprising (or depressing?) moment with. First of all, the exciting one. Mac’s full size keyboard physically ergonomic and more attractive than my previous Toshiba Tecra A3. With big size and good materials, the keyboard really smooth and crispy to touch without adding more sound. It’s becoming more silent when I am typing my blog or report. The ‘LCD-look-like’ screen undoubtedly excellent. I really loved them when I used iPhoto to see photos of my nephew and - especially - my lovely pretty wife. 

There is one small thing but for me it gave me “huge” impression. It was the 60W MagSafe Power Adapter. There are at least two aspects that made the MagSafe becomes one of the Mac’s unique advantage. 

First, it was small enough and ergonomics. Just like iPod Power Adapter as well, the MagSafe is compact comparing with conventional PC Power Adapter. 

When I compared MagSafe and my Toshiba Tecra A3 power adapter (see picture), MagSafe outperformed the form factor. MagSafe is more thinner, slim and easy to be hold. In fact, it also feel little bit lighter. 

Second, and I really love it, MagSafe have double hook that function as cable rolling place. It really make the MagSafe’s cable arrange neatly so it  consumed less space inside the bag. I really love it! (see picture)

It was not the end for the goodness of MagSafe power adapter. It was fascinating obviously due to the magnetic plug-in system. You do not need to worried if accidently you break the adapter port while moving your MacBook because it will voluntarily detached as the magnetic being pull-off. Just imagine your power adapter plug-in or plug-out process like putting in or off your magnetic fridge. It’s really cool!


There are more interesting hardware that embedded in MacBook. Built-in web camera really rock! Moreover, the built-in microphone also adding up the advantage of web-camera. It will make your video chat become more ‘productive’ as you need not to use additional microphone. I also impressed with the track pad. I love the finger gesture function that served by the trackpad. The size is wide but sensitive enough. Another good-looking-with-function way of MacBook is the CD-ROM slot. It is really less spacious, since it does not need physical ejected slot to put the CD/DVD disks. Instead, you just need to slide them in or it will automatically slide out if you push the eject button. It is effortless to put-on or pull-off the disk at the place like conventional CD-ROM. Lastly, MacBook also provide remote control for multimedia. I am not using it that much, but I've an imagination if I would like to play some of my playlist then I do not need to sit in front of the MacBook but lying back and hold on the white-cute remote control (see picture below). 

However, there are several depressing moment with MacBook. The earlier surprise is the non-existing dial-up modem. Definitely, I did not notice in the specification that it never mention about availability of built-in dial-up modem. When I want to connect Internet at home with my phone-cable, I did not find the dial-up modem port. 

Later I find out that I have to buy a USB dial-up modem to be able to connect using my phone-cable. Since the price of those modem is extremely expensive, that really significantly shocked me twice. But I have no choice since I need dial-up modem occasionally in the place where I cannot hook up to WiFi or GSM mobile phone network. Please understand, in this country dial-up connection is still the most available service compare to limited-subscription WiFi hotspot area or expensive GSM mobile phone bill. 

After dial-up modem, later I found out that I cannot easily connect to InFocus slide projector. Regularly, I have to use powerpoint presentation for my work then it should be connected to InFocus. Later - again - I find out that I have to buy an adapter DVI to VGA. Although the price is relatively not as expensive as the USB modem, still both of them has make my budget escalated beyond my initial plan. 

Below is picture of both USB dial-up modem and adapter DVI to VGA.

I guess that’s all for my MacBook review now. I will share with you later on software aspects. Need to learn about applications for Mac...


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