Thursday, May 25, 2006

statement of the day

This is my favorite statement from a reading that I've found today:
"There is nothing wrong and much right with letting religious faith be the wellspring of a citizen's public action. At the same time, one whose moral judgements are driven by religious devotion must be ever careful to discern whether God's word or human politics is doing the work. For there is a vast difference between a political inspiration that is fired by one's deepest religious beliefs and a claim of religious belief that is fired by a pre-existing political commitment. It is the job of the religiously devout citizen to understand and preserve this distinction, one that unfortunately is blurred, and perhaps disbelieved, by our political rhetoric, as well as by our mass media."
The Culture of Disbelief (1993) by Stephen Carter

After reading several comments and reviews on this book, it is hard for me not to agree with Carter. I just touch by this book as my 'positive protest' on so many religious-based law that already (or will be) inacted in Indonesia.

To be honest, I am worry... no doubt on that.

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