Monday, May 15, 2006

At last!!... But not yet finish...

At last!

All the files already burned into CD. Inside the CD, there are data management folder, including log file, do file and data file in Stata format; there are cover template in PDF files both for hardcopy-cover and CD-cover; there are the main thesis file... yes, it is my thesis!, including both MS-Word and PDF format. Why should I made all of those thing? Don't ask me, it was required by the university. According to regulation at UMB, I must submit my thesis print out with special-preserved cover and binding also with CD that include all data and necessary working file related with my thesis.

Therefore, all of them are ready now. Just need to print and binding (within a few hours) and submissioooooon!!!
[Note: the deadline for submission all of those stuff is May 15 2006 15.30pm].

But... Wait a minute!!
But, it's not yet finish!
Not at all!
I must defend it...

So help me God...

PS: I would like to show some important part from my acknowledgement of the thesis. "Specially, I appreciate Diahhadi Setyonaluri, my best friend and wife, for her love and continuous support. She is the one who patiently withstand the pain and stress during my absence while I was in Norway. I love you so much, my dear" (Wisana 2006: p.ii).


Anonymous said...

best of luck, wa!

embun said...

thanks a lot, Ren! I really need that...

Utami said...

congratulations for submitting your thesis, all the best for the next battle :)

Berly said...

Congrat and good luck!
You will do great.

Nanti gw liat thesis elo yach

'za said...

Good luck Dewa! Tetap semangat! :-)

PS: kapan defence-nya?

embun said...

To Utami:
Thanks and same with you. When is your deadline? How is your project in East Timor?

To Berly:
Thanks, nanti gue email thesis tsb. Ada ide dikit pengen dapet ilmu game theory loe trus gue terapin untuk bargaining theory with farm household model.

To 'Za:
itu dia, supervisor masih conference gitu jadi nunggu dulu. Pengennya sih sesegera mungkin. Biar ndak mati bosan.