Saturday, February 18, 2006

unmeasurable love... just simple

Never too late than never... I just want to wish everybody happy 14th February of valentine's day with passion and love; whatever the pros and cons of it might be. May all heart and soul in every creature with pure hope and spirit on earth will have peace and enlight the world.

Speaking of creature, I am amaze with the story of Elephants Make a "Love Connection" from National Geographic. My favorit quote from this article is:
"But whether there's love in the wild heart is something that may never be measured"

If I may have one, I would like to have a pure love like the wild, "unmeasurable". No need rose or chocolate or fancy-expensive gift matter because that materials should not binding.

If you asked me how much I love you? I love you with my simple heart... just simple, only love.

*Photo: by National Geographic

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