Wednesday, September 07, 2011

on "Indonesia Raya" and suicide rates

I love and really proud of my country's National Anthem – "Indonesia Raya". I have several of my own personal reason. And one good reason is that the anthem generate a feeling of happiness and high positive spirit. Recently, I found a research-based proof for such reason that makes me to love the anthem even more.

The research was indicate by David Lester, a professor at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and the dean of suicide studies. From his current role and position you will obvious make a correct guess what will be his primary field of research. I found one of his work title “National Anthems and Suicide Rates” that tried to shows an association between a country's national anthem and its suicide rates. Here is the abstract of the study:
In the sample of 18 European nations, suicide rates were positively associated with the proportion of low notes in the national anthems and, albeit less strongly, with students' ratings of how gloomy and how sad the anthems sounded, supporting a hypothesis proposed by Rihmer. 
Definitely, there are quite a lot of caveats of this study. One obvious challenge is there are many factors correlate with and may affect national suicide rates in a particular country. For this posting purposes only, I would like to suggest you to believe that the result was true. So, if this finding is valid and could be link to Indonesia's national anthem, then I will excited to believe that Indonesia Raya is a national anthem that promote anti-suicide behaviour and brings a cheerful, upbeat and optimistic spirit to all Indonesian. Even without a support of any research finding, you should agree with such believe, I supposed.

Well, we may disregard any research based arguments and debating from another perspective on how national anthem may affect people behaviour in any countries. As for Indonesia case, we may also argued that Indonesia Raya had nothing to do with Indonesian livelihood, whatsoever. Yet, I still think that any nationalistic components of a country could generate an idea, a spirit, a mentality and behaviour of its people; and national anthem is one of them. Thus, we still need to learn and find out how to utilize them and bring any purposes of benefits by the people and to the people.

Finally, I will always love and proud of my country and its national anthem.  Long live great Indonesia!!
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