Friday, February 15, 2008

I am a 'Mac User' now!

Today, I am proudly present a new companion for my computing activities. Please welcome, my cute white MacBook from Apple. Yes, as per Wednesday (13 February 2008) I am officially switch from Windows PC to Apple MacBook. After struggling almost two hours from Depok to iBook Puri Imperium to take this piece beautiful-look machine, and more than two hours return back to Depok, finally the MacBook arrived at my home. I do not know how to tell you the feeling. One thing for sure, it's been a great excitement to re-open the box (it was already open before to check and start up) and start touching this beautiful piece of machine. Can I claim myself as a ‘Mac User’ now?

If you really a person of style and loved fashioned stuff, then you will be fall in love right at the first time you see the 'shape' and color of this MacBook. At least, that was I heard from my wife who teased me with smile and said, “Why don't you use my Lenovo (with Windows Vista OS), and I used this MacBook”. Wow, what a tough offered after waiting and longing for so so long...

Well, I am not that style-first kind of person definitely. But, I cannot deny that MacBook looks so fancy and stylize with glossy surface on the lid and a bit rough on the keyboard. It's is certain that when you type using MacBook keyboard, you will hear no 'ck ck ck...' sound of the keys while being press. But, for me the sound is enough to make sure that 'yes, I am typing a keyboard now'. Not too silent but not to loud. The pressure also unnecessarily that hard, as the keys kicking back quite well. So, in general, touching MacBook is just like touching a technology that seems already at the high end features. Could not ask for more.

Those physical perfection are not my major consideration. I've learned for several month before I decided to switch to Mac and leave the common 'Windows' system. And, one important consideration for me is performance. When I touch my MacBook for the first time, I've already able to feel how fast and smooth the Apple operating system - Mac OS X known as Leopard. Initiating start up and shut down just as fast as I inhaling my breath twice. When I tried to put the MacBook on sleep mode, it was as the same pace as I open the screen to wake him up. All of those starting and stopping the machine activities only taking less than a couple of second.

Every time I execute new application or launch multimedia, such as iTunes, it is very rare for me to wait more than 2 second. In fact, it is very fast. I like the display as it is very clear and just like watching high quality LCD screen television. This advantage is clearly seen when I preview several pictures from my photo album. They looks so clear and sharp. The docks and menu style are very intuitive. Without reading the manual first, even my wife who just the first time to touch the Mac started to get used to the interface and system orientation. Comparing my experience using Windows Vista for the first time, using Mac is just like using a very-well-known device. In term of learning process, it's extremely easy. The icons and labels quite understandable. Therefore I believe, the important things that build by Apple to make cross-over from PC to Mac seems so easy.

Pre-installed applications in my new MacBook are NeoOffice and Parallels Desktop. NeoOffice is just like Microsoft Office for Mac. It is very nice and provide a bunch of text and spreadsheet file format option. So, there will be no problem at all if you work in Mac and sharing your work with your colleague that use PC or reading your colleagues' work. While Parallels will make my MacBook able to use Microsoft Windows operating system to run application that only Microsoft have. In short, I'm highly recommend MacBook if you wish to have good looking machine with better hardware performance. My words might be not convincing enough to tell you that my MacBook is great. At least, until now it getting better and better as I am becoming familiar with this machine. Welcome Apple!

I will share with you later my further review on my new MacBook. Now, let me read the manual book first...

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Berly said...

Congrat on joining the Mac(uni)Verse.
Please write more update after you install Stata on it.

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