Friday, August 17, 2007

Quo Vadis Virginity

After posting about Indramayu District Head "silly" policy on Virginity Test, I have curiosity about what does it mean to become virgin? In this case, I use the same meaning of virgin both for male and female[*]. When I am trying to look for definition, I found this web that defining various definition of virginity and you are welcome to provide your own definition. Meanwhile, it also mention about several consideration for offering new definition of virginity. You are recommended to think about several situations and ask yourself about how such situations will be adequate to give a meaning for virginity. Those situations are:
  1. Is someone who is raped or molested no longer a virgin?
  2. Is actual intercourse the only act that counts when determining ones virginity?
  3. If he/she willingly engage in other intimate sexual acts but do not have intercourse, is it fair to still consider himself/herself a virgin?
  4. Is the current definition of virginity, and all the social stigma attached to it, biased toward girls? Is this right?

So, what do you think of those situations? My very simple and whole conclusion is virginity simply health or biological condition. Judgment or consideration about virginity should be only based on that factor. If you put your social stigma, religious and norms label on this definition then used it for yourself and not to put them on others. That is why I am still feeling sick and tired when I read or hear people (especially religious leader and government officer) talking about morality and at the end put women as a convict.

[*] Using Indonesian language, virgin for female called “perawan” while for male one called “perjaka”. I believe the difference is also construct – not only by language factor – but socio-culture factor where female being in sub-ordinate position compare to male

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