Monday, January 30, 2006

to write or to buy?

As one of the important indicator and output for academic skills in university level, thesis or "skripsi" has found its remarkable growing issue. It has been notice for so long that writing an academic paper is so extremely hard for student in all level. Obviously, not so many lectures or teachers realized how difficult or even frustrated to write such a "great” work and willing to help student. Likewise, not so many students notice that they are unable yet to write a thesis without hardwork and decent guidence. Thus, the question is what is the solution for this?

Once I visited a photocopy center in Margonda for binding my skripsi in the year 2001 and I saw several title of skripsi in glass cabinet completely binding. They looks perfect and elegant. I have observed the same situation with another photocopy center before. I am so naïve to think that probably it is only for binding cover sample or just for proof print of the copying quality. I realize later that it was not for that simple purpose only. After I read the following news and website, I convinced that this is certainly a whopping business.

Following tag news, which stated that “Skripsi, tinggal beli saja!” seems already answering clearly and in fact this has become a new profitable market. Just feel free to visit skripsiku and you will find the very simple jargon “solusi penulisan skripsi”. Is not that amazing? Wait! You may find not only skripsi but thesis as well. Maybe too early to ask such question, do they have any dissertation? In that website, we only can find economics related topics. I will not surprise if there are also available for another subjects and maybe language (I believe I am exaggerating for the later one).

Hereafter, I raise a question: how should we respond for such a growing market? As a teacher wannabe, I have a curiosity: what should I do to make my student wrote their own paper instead of to buy one? This short writing is my first attempt to comply the market of “skripsi” in Indonesia.

I do not have the answer now, or at least I am not able to write them properly at this moment (and I do not want to buy a proposal for answering this problem, if the market for this exists as well). I have some idea, but I think I need some observation and tests first to justify the hypothesis. Therefore, empirical evidence or references or previous studies from any of you are welcome and I will quote them aptly.

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