Saturday, November 01, 2014

Farewell my lovely MacBook White

It's been six years when I first join the bandwagon of Apple user. It was when I bought my first MacBook and I am proud to call as a 'Mac User'. Since then, I am an avid user of all Apple product and I am very satisfy with all of them. That feeling mostly apply for my MacBook series.

I am happy to try several Apple products, especially MacBook from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (aluminium body) and the latest one MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Yet, my MacBook White, which has plastic body, is the most favourite and loveable one. It was the most beautiful laptop in her time, I always proud to open it in public or even in my solitude moment.

Six years seems long enough and I believe my MacBook White still could serve even more. However, sometimes you need to let go something that so loveable to be in others' good hand. I rarely used her recently simply because her specification become less reliable given current progress in technology and overall features. Not to mention that I need the return on investment (yes, it is the money!) from using computing technology for my future work. Therefore, I decided to let go of this beautiful white MacBook to stay in a new owner.

I let go all of her follower and related support (read: accessories and peripherals). And, I know I deeply thankful for all six years services of her. Thank you and farewell my lovely MacBook White!
Copyright © Dewa Wisana. All rights reserved

Copyright © Dewa Wisana. All rights reserved