Monday, February 21, 2011

a basket of Apples

If I may recall history of the most long lasting and the best gadget or computer devices that I ever have, I would like to call them ‘a basket of Apples’. Yes, all of those non-hassle, tough, beautiful but powerful gadget or computer laptop I have so far are Apple brand.

My first introduction with Apple was the black 32GB iPod Nano (see left below). It was my third portable music player after an AIWA Walkman and [brand here] MP3 player. From this iPod, I learnt about iTunes and some interesting knowledge about Apple product especially computer. My Apple bites continue with first generation of 120GB White MacBook (see left above). After almost 3 months of intensive quest for making sure on compatibility issues, I decided to switch totally to Mac OS X Leopard and leave the idea of Microsoft product. I learnt iWork and iLife, and I used Parallel Desktop to operate several application in Microsoft Windows XP operating system which Mac OS X did not support at that moment. Now, I rarely used them since Mac OS X already supply all application I need. Since then, my white MacBook never failed me; it was a stable, fast and reliable partner in my computing work.

It is obvious that Apple devices are undeniably expensive. That is why I have to wait several years before I am able to add up the next Apple in my basket. It was used 32GB iPod Touch (see second from left below). With this new iPod Touch, I can pass the iPod Nano to my wife so she can start being indulged by Apple. After I successfully won a used 16GB iPhone 3GS from eBay, she upgrade her Apple into iPod Touch. After some hassle with her laptop, she decided that she is ready for bigger Apple stuff. So, I won another used 80GB MacBook Air from eBay and my wife start her experience with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. And my final Apple that I won it via eBay was 16GB iPhone 4 which makes my wife now used the iPhone 3GS. Overall, I can roughly claim that we are an Apple Family now. Finally, I also completed my Apple computing experience with some accessories including Magic Mouse, Mighty Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard (not seen in picture).

Here they are, my basket of Apples. One thing that I really proud with all of my Apple is all of them extremely reliable whether they are brand new or second hand condition. It’s something that I could not get from any other devices. They are exemplary of cutting-edge technology!

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Uti Brata said...

One member of the family is still missing.... please take her too Dad....