Monday, July 13, 2009

Excel: Our cherrie from "the market for lemon"

Meet our new family member. Her name is Excel, originally from Hyundai Excel. This is the evidence of our participation in 'the market for lemon'. Although we got her from such market, she is not a lemon instead she is a cherrie. Yes, indeed. She is quite a good and well conditioned used car, and we felt in love at the first time we saw her. And lately, she's already become important part of our daily routines in Canberra.

We consider Excel as cherrie due to several aspects that to some extent able to cope the problems of lemons market. First, the previous owner provide us with all information regarding Excel's past history. We know that she is the first hand car and regularly serviced in local authorized service center from her complete records, including service billing expenses. She also looks good in condition, started from external (paint colour, for example) as well as interior conditions (cleanliness on dashboard, door trim, etc).

Second, the previous owner also fair enough by revealing some of Excel's "unfortunate" conditions. Such conditions including some scratch in front bumper, broken handle at the back chair, and several minors. All of those problems definitely will not affecting Excel's performance and other can be solved by purchasing the parts at the service center. It is not necessarily to do very soon.

In respect to first and second reasons, Excel's previous owner succeed to diminish the asymmetrical information with respect to Excel quality. In this case, we certainly sure that Excel is not "perfectly" lemon. And since she is already become our family member, we will consider her as "Excel the cherrie". You are all welcome to ask for her ride when you have a chance.

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