Saturday, July 07, 2007

Quote of the day

This is a very touching quote from Kompas by Gede Prama titled "Manusia Dengan Berkah Agung" (Human with Noble Blessing):

"Memandang perbedaan sebagai keindahan, melindungi diri dengan perisai kesadaran, kekayaan adalah rasa berkecukupan, hidupnya diterangi matahari kesadaran, dan kalau terpaksa mengeluarkan pedang, ia mengeluarkan pedang kebijaksanaan"

(To look at diversity as beauty, to protect oneself with the shield of consciousness, wealth is a sense of sufficiency, ones existence is being enlighten by the sun of consciousness, and if being forced to unsheathe the sword ones will unsheathing the sword of wisdom)

Why is it so difficult for Indonesia, a country with strong and huge religious claim, to create a simple heaven of peace on their on earth rather than "fight" for ones own heaven after life later?

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