Monday, June 19, 2006

Summary (part 2)

Now, this story is about the preparation for returning back home to Indonesia. After my thesis defense, I confirmed return ticket to Indonesia on June 6th. Since this time is my return home for good, packing and cleaning the room is the main problem. For reading materials and class notes, I had sent them by post and it cost NOK 1,800. Quite expensive, but I do not care since I have no time to look for another way of sending them. Another thing is my books, it take two days for me to finalized how I can pack all of those books in my luggage combined with clothes and the rest (Note: there was excess luggage 8 kg for them that I found during check in at the Gardemoen airport. Gosh!).

Lastly, I want to say goodbye personally to everyone and friends during my stay in Norway. However, I feel so sad that I couldn’t manage to meet all of them.

Well, I manage to have my last badminton game with Vidar and Daniel. Both of them are my first Norwegian friends in GG Hallen and since then become my playing partner in Badminton. Takk for spilleren!

I manage to say goodbye with my very good friend from Nepal, Dadhi and Baikuntha. I manage to say goodbye in very short time with Torill (thank you for the “Sophie’s World” book gift and visit me in very last moment).

And, on the last hours, I manage to say goodbye and having “last lunch together” with my supervisor, Arild Angelsen, and several staff of the Department of Economics and Resource Management at UMB. I feel so bad that I couldn’t manage to say goodbye personally to my flat mate Thomas. Thank you for my other flat mate, Nils, who had drive me to the airport bus station with his car. It was really helpful.

Well, I am grateful that I have a really nice moment during my stay in Norway. I met a lot of good friends and great persons. You may see some of my picture from my first year of study in Norway here. It’s been a great experience also to learn about Norwegian culture and language. I really loved the Norwegian people way to behave in such ways of well-control and discipline. I also loved the Norwegian teachers behave in a really friendly ways. It was also lovely to know international community during my study in Norway.
Especially, I learn a lot about my brothers and sisters from Africa and South Asia. If I heard about their story about their countries conditions, I always grateful that Indonesia is having so much better (if you don’t want to say lucky) condition. In short, I only want to say that I learn a lot indeed.

Tusen takk Norge!

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Torill said...

Hi Dewa!

Alief told me you were blogging... but it's a while ago I can see. I guess that you are in the field now? I am finishing up my master thesis. I miss your support and sharing ups and downs...

Hope you are well, thinking of you!

All the best from Torill