Thursday, March 02, 2006

severe snow this week

This situation actually already started from Sunday (26 February) and continue for the rest of the week, the weather forecast said. Aftenposten, one of the biggest newspaper in Norway, posted the news titled "Forget Your Car" and one line of the news mention about the forecast which said
"The Meteorological Institute predicted more snow on Wednesday - about 20 cms (8 inches) though less than the day before."

And Wednesday is today!! But yesterday (Tuesday, 29 February) was really even worse than today (Also read "Winter grip for the coming week"). During that time, I have to go to follo politidistrikt for getting new resident permit stamp with working permit, and then went to Vinterbro to buy something for cutting my hair and a special gift.

It's hard to describe in detail. However, this week is no doubt as one of the hardest life due to severe snow here in Norway, especially in ├ůs. As for student who have to walk (because our bicycle already hiden somewhere under the mountainous snow park) from the student house - Pentagon - to campus, and with this much of snow... argh!! It was so tired, you know!

Additionally, in this situation when I walked outside and looked like not so excited (of course I am not so happy!), some Norwegian I unintentionally chatted with on the way to campus always makes a joke with me by saying "Walking on the snow?" plus with big smile (something that very rare among not-very-closed Norwegian friend). And I interpreted that joke as "Why don’t you skiing now?", because they really like skiing and to do that they need quite a lot of snow. Oh I see… such an irony to make a joke for yourself especially in this kind of hard time, I guess.

What about the temperature? Don't ask, ok! I try not to know that exactly...

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Berly said...

Wow, masih salju aja di Norway.
Siena sudah menikmati suhu 15 derajat kemarin. Hope the spring get to you soon