Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the Oil Age is not over yet

The above picture quoted from the following article. I recall in one of my class I asked how many people believe that oil stock will be depleted and how fast. Due to global warming and environmental issue (only some given answer through staggering oil price), a lot of class member somehow believe that oil stock will be depleted very soon. In other words, many people believe that oil will be gone very soon. My answer was the stock of oil will be not depleted very soon, in fact there are more of them for sure but it requires new technology and/or new approach to reach their sources beneath the earth.

The article above indicates such possibilities. I am not sure how delicate your opinion will be influence by such ideas, regarding efficient energy consumption vis-a-vis global warming and/or environmental issue. But, I believe we need to firm our effort to reduce our indulgent for oil and looking for other alternatives.

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