Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indonesia: Facebook leader?

Jeremy Wagstaff's post, Facebook in Asia: A Limit to Growth? shows an achievement (yeah, not so important probably) for Indonesia. He collected information on Facebook populations by country in Asia-Pacific. And, Indonesia is taking lead as the highest Facebook populations. With 24% growth and 6.68% proportion of population on Facebook, Indonesia shows stunning expansion of penetration.

Without valid data on number of internet access in Indonesia, I guess Facebook population that a top-notch in Indonesia mainly drifted strongly by the wide access on mobile phone through 3G network. Despite of lack of high speed internet network available in Indonesia, this is something that can be seen as good thing that Indonesian population highly appreciate internet as their new media for communication or expanding social network. It shown a combination of expanding information technology with people ability to utilize such technology.

We may continue to highlight some detrimental thing of high Facebook user. However, I believe it is more sensible if we are being affirmative with how can Indonesian people gain benefit from better access to information after they are able to expanding their social network and technology utilization. Such access hopefully could give some additional knowledge, skills or social movement for greater welfare achievement.

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