Sunday, August 09, 2009

SuperFreakonomics for the suicide bombers

Courtesy of Freakonomics

I would like to buy this book for two main reason: 1) I want to know what will be the new topics discuss by Levitt and Dubner in this book as I already read their previous book - Freakonomics; 2) I have this crazy idea since the last part of the title really relevant with latest incident of bom attack in Jakarta. If I know the bombers and their follower personally, I would like to buy and give this book for them and I hope they really read the chapter about why suicide bombers should buy life insurance.

I guess the suicide bombers actually already have "life insurance" in heaven for doing the bombing, based on their faith and believe. Having said that, I had realized that by reading this book they will not easily being "brain washed" since economic science have no doctrinal teaching approach. But, I still wish to try to change their mind somehow. I am not hate them, just felt sorry for them.

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