Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clarification not only for Malaysian, but for people all over the world

Given recent news which initiated by blatant Malaysian government over claiming another traditional Indonesian dance, in particular Balinese dance; I want to confirm not only Malaysian but also people all over the world as following:

Pendet dance is originally Balinese and Indonesian own dance. Malaysia never ever create or even own such a beautiful dance. Only Balinese and Indonesian who have capabilities to invent such creative dance and it is already being part of their life from their beloved ancestor.

Malaysia ought never ever try to claim and justify any dance that originally own and created by Indonesian. Malaysia must immediately quote the authenticity of any cultural activities that originally from any part of Indonesia. Malaysia must avoid any "stolen culture" demeanor, particularly from Indonesia of being used and claimed as Malaysian. Therefore, Malaysia can prove their dignity and sovereignty as a nation.

I urge Malaysian government and people of Malaysia to consider this clarification for the sake of etiquette.

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