Monday, October 27, 2008

Newspaper Reading: Indonesian women is a cow?

Wait! I am not saying that literally. It's just symbolic and analogy for Pornography Law (RUU Pornografi) that will be passed very soon in - what so called religious country - of Indonesia. The analogy was presented in the column By The Way in The Jakarta Post with titled Bill Will Drown Women Just Like the Cow.

My favorite line is:
If only they had passed the bill -- which defines pornography as acts that can incite sexual desire; the cow would still be alive by now. There will be no sexy cows prancing about naked in the barn. They would all be covered, to protect them from being raped by zoophiles that would not be able to resist the decadent bum.
I could not agree more with the column and wishing that the RUU Pornografi will be passed very soon and I am looking forward to see Indonesia women being not "free" at all or being drown by the majority if they look beautiful and make male-man sexually attracted. I am also looking forward to see fashion police and special jail or court that will sentenced women for their look and God-gifted body. Do not forget to imagine that the police and judge will be all male-man species.

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