Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunset Behind Blue Ruby!

Welcome to Permata Depok Regency Cluster Ruby D25 No.1! The following pictures was taken during sunset behind our small blue house.

We would like to inform you that this is its final look so far (For comparison, please kindly look here). The final update of small renovation, as you can see are appears on the steps, carport design and canopy as well as the small garden at front part of the house. It took quite long time to continue the renovation of the house, and we feel glad that finally we can reach current results. Our small city-car now have place to sleep well, with appropriate roof top to cover it from direct sunlight. The steps also very nice, with natural stones and fulfilling feng shui recommendation. And the most important thing is all of it with the lowest budget possible. How about the garden?

It's been one year since we moved in and it was quite challenging to improve the look of our small garden. With simple planning and learning by doing activities, each week we plant and take care our garden with various flowers and other vegetation. As you can see, it looks greener and calm enough. Not yet beautiful, but it gives us quite enough pleasure every time we return back home after work or enjoying weekends/holidays. Thanks God that the soil in our house quite friendly, although the sun seems in the 'mad-mode' every morning that turn the grass into brown and dry. Well, that is the consequences of east facing building, right? We also have small garden beside the building, and we design this spot as precipitation area for our water sources. We hope that we will not face any serious challenge on water supply for the house.

Finally, you are all very welcome to visit our Ruby D25 No.1. If it is not me who open the door, obviously our "lady of the house" will do that before you tasted the warm and friendly atmosphere of our Ruby. Cheers!

Update: another picture of our Blue Ruby is here.

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