Monday, December 24, 2007

Hindu party? Get real!!

First of all, I am not against the idea of having religion based party. When I read the news about New Hindu Party for 2009 general election, I could not help myself to wonder. Why Hindu?

You may answer it simply by "Why not?". There is no Hindu party in Indonesia, while there are Hindu's people in Indonesia that need to be represented politically. Or, the "philosophical' reason behind this new Hindu party as mentioned here,
Ngurah Arya (the founder) believes that now Dharma calling for reinventing the good politics in Indonesia. We should keep Dharma to lead this country and maintain our ancestor legacy. May this is the true calling, the call of Dharma for Dharma.
I cannot stop myself for keep inquiring, why Hindu? What is the specialty of Dharma in politics? Ok, let's keep that "too sophisticated" question behind. Instead, lets talk about the number. How many Hindu's voter in Indonesia? If you get my question, then you maybe able to figure out how many representative would be possible to get by the party? For your information, Hindu population in Indonesia not more then 5 % approximately from total population. Just by that simple figure, you should be realize that Hindu will always be minority groups in Indonesian politics. Also, are there any non-Hindu groups in Indonesia that will vote for Hindu's party? I believe, NONE of them!

Why don't you re-allocate that money for political garbage - establishing branches, campaign, etc - into more economically productive sector. For instance, why don't you initiate and established an Indonesian-Hindu university? That is sound more beneficial since it will impacted on accumulation of Indonesian-Hindu's (human) capital. Julian Simon said, "human is the ultimate resource!" So, why don't used the money for enhancing them??

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