Monday, October 08, 2007

new gadget: iPod nano

Welcome Apple! It's been almost two week since I bought by new gadget: Apple iPod nano Black 8GB. Honestly, I have research quite long for several apple products. And many compliments about iPod especially are true indeed, by my experience with this black iPod. There are several things that makes me really in love with my iPod:
  1. It's very light and small enough (but not too small), so it is really ergonomics to carry on or to put into your pocket.
  2. Although the sound quality probably not too superb, but standar-universal earphone jack makes the iPod become more applicable to use withother device. For example, I bought FM modulator so I can play my iPod in my car-cassette player. It's very simple. Or, I can use my old earphone to hear the playlist in the iPod. It saved my budget a lot.
  3. The feature and user-interface are really superb. Only using soft touch and small movement along the jog interface, you can reach the menu and select the song based on your own preference: album, artist, song title, genre, and many more.
  4. 8Gb capacity is really huge, in fact! I've already save more than 800 songs there and it seems I started to run out of albums and songs to add in. That's great!
There are many other advantage of this iPod. But, let me have all of those advantage by myself and I'll let you keep or even share yours. In short, iPod is more than just a good music player for your style but the functionality and features are outweighing the advantage of usual music player in the market.


Tami said...

Selamat yah sudah beli iPoD :) welcome to the club :)

so, apakah perlu saya sharing sisi "gelap" dari iPod ini selain sisi "baik" yang sudah pakD tulis? Soalnya saya punya iPod juga dan beberapa kali tersandung "kemanja'an" iPod ini :P
Ah, namun saya tak ingin merusak mood pakDe yang sedang enjoy dengan gadget barunya hehehe...

Ini komentar apa imel yah?

embun said...

Hi Tami,

Bolehlah sharing tentang sisi "gelap" dari iPod. Saya sudah baca juga pengalaman Tami dengan iPod. Mood saya terhadap teknologi baru tidaklah sebegitu dahsyatnya kok.

Sekarang, saya sedang riset kecil terhadap MacBook. Mulai tertarik untuk ganti "agama" ke Mac OS dan meninggalkan "Microsoft". Tapi seperti biasa, kendala anggaran masih menjadi puncak dari segala keputusan... hehehehe...