Wednesday, November 29, 2006

with the rain

Rain always makes me feel blue. Not because it take place of blue sky or create mud or even create floods and came along with thunder. Actually, rain makes me feel blue because it comes at all times in perfect moment especially downcast feeling.

Like this afternoon, the rain comes heavily after I’m being hit by big wave of mute and mistakes that – said – I’ve done. It comes right the way when so many things judged that I never done something right. Never! Then rain comes in sudden and saddened.

Its’ best friend, big and deafeningly thunder, passing by and shouting at me saying, “I’ve told you, you’re not up to it! I’ve told you!” And, even skies also support both of them by changing into, not dark and gloomy background; instead it shades grey smiling to blind me with the hope of flood of mud and debris on the street. After all, I can’t do nothing except waiting or let myself wet during walking through the totality of such atmosphere. Whatever I do, I’ve already trampled.

No one will understand situation of heavy water fallen from the firmament since instinctively human always run or hide away or cover the body to make them less soak up with wet. Traffic full of crowd of people and vehicles try so hard to keep away from brown muddy water. Umbrella intersects each other covered people’s panic head and cars and motorcycles jamming one by one blocking the flow of others. In such a classical exhilaration, should I joined and ruin the show??

The rain today has strike me down by something so intense but cold and mute. No one know what it is, even my flawed heart could not clearly explain what. One thing for sure, today’s rain, like ceaselessly before, has confirmed me again about the gloomy day of my entire soul.

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