Sunday, August 08, 2004

sunset at the dusk

It is really long ahead of you here, in this land. I’ve been waiting prolonged just to see the sunset at the dusk. However, I still have to wait a little bit longer. The horizon seems so far from the sun, and I am here counting the minutes just to see the sunset at the dusk. What should I do my heart? I want to evoke our event before we are as one, when we wall along the beach waiting for the sun to set. And at that time, I was outset to become in misery because of afar from your warm hug and sweet kiss.
Time has reached the evening, but the sun still warmly shines. How long I have to wait just to see sunset at the dusk today. Wondering how long I must waiting to get a hold of you and at last tasting your lips. With such a long sunset even at the dusk like now, I do not know how long I can stand to wait otherwise I am in endless agony.

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