Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quote of the day: religion and politics

"Religion and politics should never mix. Because politics is worldly and religion becomes worldly once it takes part in politics or tries to influence or control. Religion should never be involved in powers of the world because it is not serving god but selfish glory of an image of tradition."

My own take from above quote is religious conservatives, monarchs and tyrants have shares in common. If you are human and make rules and want us to obey your claim by saying that you are messengers of the will of God (and hence no further justification needed); you just emphasize that you are no different at all than any ancient monarchs and tyrants.

This is a simple lesson from history that deserves serious attention nowadays. Religious conservatives claim that they are passing along God's ideas, and thus that we should obey them without critical challenge and questioning. Learning from what happened to monarchs and tyrants in the past, this idea has always had disastrous consequences in the past – why should we expect anything different this time?

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