Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lesson from parking fine

The picture above is a simple prove for the cost of testing whether a system works or not. Yes, it is a parking fine ticket. I was violating the law by parking on the spot that was not suitable with my parking permission that I have.

The motivation at the moment I did the violation was there should be a window of opportunity to buy some time before the parking check take place. The plan was just park the car for one or two hours then move to find another place to park. Unfortunately, I totally forgot about the strategy I've been set up and I expect that there will be no inspection by parking check officer that day (wrong expectation, I know). So, the inspection happened for sure. Then, I paid the fine.

Personally, this is an expensive way of learning that the system works in this country. Unlike in many developing country (such as my country), where you still have possibility to "bargain" with the system; the law system in most of developed country is quite strict and working well enough. I am not saying that the system working perfectly, but the degree might be significantly high. I other words, it is a reliable system if you wish for good public order.

I am just imagine how could this strict system could be apply in Indonesia? What are the ingredients to have such 'ideal' enforcement to work? Hopefully, this is not only a dream.

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