Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't wanna be stupefy

I feel really dumb when I read SBY's advertising at Kompas printing version page 13 (see picture). And after I tried to read and understand each part of the promotion materials, I decided that I don't wanna be stupefy by SBY's claimed.

If he claimed that he contributed to several things that being decrease (price of staples, gasoline, debt, unemployment, etc) and things that being increase (national income, health and education expenditure, etc), we should be critical in understanding that most of those achievement actually not because of his policy. Instead, most of them because external factors. For instance, three times gasoline price decline was not because of his idea but due to declining world price. It's obvious, dude! You should reduce gasoline price because world price is lower now!

Therefore, I don't wanna be stupefy now and ever by SBY.

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