Monday, December 19, 2005

little curiosity

Something 'clicking' me at the end of this news since I realized that we are becoming very sensitive (or oversensitive?) with symbols, sacred epoch, and others religious labels. How big is the different between Mahabharata Javanese version and Hindu (originally India) version? From what I read some, there are not much different certainly. But what if significantly any, with respect to owned-interpretation and regional-historical influence?

Well, I believe that this movie will not create any "significant" critics and claims as before (read here and here). I have my own opinion regarding Garin's movie. But, this has triggered me to think further though... why a story must be maintain as a story, instead of interpreting and realizing the underlying messages creatively as lessons for todays real life of all mankind??

Anyway, nevermind... just a little meaningless curiousity.

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